Why Us

Paul Webb and Jonathan Melton met  several years back at a financial enrichment meeting.  After talking we realized that we both shared the same values and desire  to help other people with their retirement planning and life insurance.

Through working in similar circles we continue to connect and share ideas.  It was at this point that, that we decided we could help more families and business owners together than we could on our own.  For this very reason, we created a partnership

To try and help as many clients as possible so they can have the most optimal retirement plan available.  There is a lot competition is this profession and many times we have came across cases where we discovered that the retirement plan that

Our potential client was not in line with their risk tolerance.  Simply put, the plan they currently had is not what they thought they had nor what they wanted.   There are many financial strategies and financial vehicles that can be used to

Create a retirement plan.  What makes us different, is we believe that retirement plans and wealth management plans are long term plans.  The best plan is the plan that you understand and you should have absolute peace that you have the best

Plan available.  We can create this plan for you.  It is all about you and your desires for now and the future!  There are 3 different retirement advisors mindsets that make up the retirement planning profession.  It is crucial that you know how these

3 mindsets work and how this will affect your retirement funds!  We will make sure you understand these mindsets and we can provide a combination of all 3 mindsets to build the best plan for you.  The key word here is YOU!!!  This is why you should

Choose our team.  If nothing else, after meeting with us, you will leave with at least one idea that will be helpful and will feel very informed!  There is a retirement plan and then there is the Optimal Retirement plan.  Choose us and our team of advisors

Will help you create the Optimal retirement plan.