D Nelson

Jonathan and Paul saved my entire retirement portfolio- I was losing thousands every month and then they rolled my 401k into their guaranteed 7.2% IRA – my portfolio worth has doubled over the past 10 years tax free

S Govan

The Retirement Planning Group gave me guaranteed income for life with no risk of loss. I would have lost over $100,000 if I had kept in the market.

Z Hodges

Paul and Jon are Retirement pros they showed me how to enjoy a high as 18% compounded interest on my money with no tax consequences

B. Louis

I sing high praises for the Retirement Group – Jonathan and Paul demonstrate the highest level of ethics and best returns that I have ever had on my money

M. White

I can’t thank Paul and Jonathan enough for all of the wealth I have accumulated under their financial mgmt. I recommend them to anyone looking for a wealth advisor.

D Maldonado

There is no one on the planet that I would trust with my money more than Paul & Jon. I am forever indebted to them.

A Louis- Jean

Jon and Paul embody the true meaning of fiduciary advisor. They always ask what is important to me and they have protected my financial wellbeing and doubled my portfolio

J Payne

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Paul & Jon. They are very smart money managers that I can always count for the best information and recommendations.